25% by 2025: Minnesota's Water Quality Improvement Goal

“I ask all Minnesotans to join me in finding solutions that will ensure our children and grandchildren inherit clean water to drink, swim, and fish in. This is everyone’s challenge, and everyone’s responsibility.” – Governor Mark Dayton

Please complete this short survey to submit your top ideas and give feedback to Governor Mark Dayton on Minnesota’s 25% by 2025 Water Quality Improvement Goal.  Download information on your Region here. Thank you for taking the time to submit your ideas.

We are gathering public input through October 5th, 2017, from Community Water Meetings, ten regional Town Halls, and comments submitted online. Your comments will be compiled along with other feedback we are gathering from people in your region. We will use this feedback to determine regional 25% goals and the top 10 proposed ideas for actionable steps or policy. We will present these results to the public in a report in the winter. Visit the 25 by 25 website to sign up for updates.

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