2020 Eco Experience Sustainability Stage Application
Due April 24nd, 2020

Eco Experience Overview
During the 12 days of the State Fair, at least 250,000 visitors come through the exhibit looking for ideas, asking for advice, and seeking information about environmental issues and technology. For more information on the Eco Experience and to see pictures from last year, please visit our website at:

•  Presentations will occur during the 2020 Minnesota State Fair, August 27th to September 7th.
•  Presentations are scheduled for 40 minutes, including questions.
•  The stage is approximately 16-feet wide and 8-feet deep.
•  A laptop and 62-inch screen for titles and pictures provided.

Presentations should:
• Focus on education not products or sales
• Be interactive with the audience

Presentations addressing success stories related to climate resiliency and carbon reduction are particularly encouraged.

**Please note that MPCA presentations about food should focus on how-to and environmental impact and sustainability rather than preparation.  We ask that you not heat things up, prepare food using the cook top, or bring in samples from home.  The Minnesota State Fair has strict food rules we must abide by.

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