Minnesota Critical Care Supplies Vendor Questionnaire

Thank you for reaching out to support our critical care supplies procurement efforts. We have many offers and are working through a long list of responders. To expedite our process and respond to you quickly, please complete the following questionnaire.

For the purpose of this questionnaire, the term "
critical care supplies" refers to the following:
    - Surgical or medical-grade face masks
    - Cloth masks
    - N95 respirators or other NIOSH-approved respirators
    - Respirators listed on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization List (KN-95, FFP2 or other)
    - Nitrile or other non-latex, powder-free gloves
    - Gowns (Level 1-2, isolation, surgical, disposable, washable)
    - Face shields 7.5-9.5 inches in length
    - Hand sanitizer 62-80% alcohol
    - Boot or shoe covers
    - Eye protection (goggles, safety glasses)

Please note that any entity providing fraudulent claims will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
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