Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Decontamination Training Exam – Authorized Level 2 Returning Inspectors

 Student Information:
Local Governments: counties, soil and water conservation districts, cities, townships, lake improvement districts, etc.
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Instructions: For each scenario below, select the correct procedures that you would use to perform the decontamination, including temperatures, accessories used and approximately how long it will take.
 Scenario 1
A fishing boat is leaving the body of water you are working at for the day. The boater says that they were on the water for less than 24 hours but they will be moving to another lake that day. During your inspection you do not find any invasive animals or plants, but you notice mud on the anchor when you ask to see it.
 Scenario 2
A fishing boat arrives with water in a blocked live well. The livewell cannot drain even with the drain plug out. The owner of the boat stated that the boat was out of the water for 24 hours. No other AIS is present/visible to the eye.
 Scenario 3
A pontoon arrives at the landing on a scissor trailer. The trailer has plants wrapped around it, some of the plants are removable others are stuck between the boat and trailer. As you remove some of the plants you notice Zebra Mussels attached to the plants. The boat owner told you they just took the boat out of the water yesterday afternoon.
 Scenario 4
A watercraft arrives at an access requesting a courtesy decontamination. First you complete a level 1 inspection to determine if any invasives are present. You do not find any water or invasive species on the watercraft.
 Scenario 5
A runabout boat arrives at the landing you are working with zebra mussels attached to the transom. You try to remove some of the mussels but none are removable by hand. The watercraft owner says that they just came from Mille Lacs lake 2 days ago.
 Scenario 6
A boat with ballast tanks is leaving the landing you are working. You do not find any attached aquatic invasive species. You ask the boater to drain the ballast tanks and water comes out. The lake they are leaving is infested with spiny waterfleas.
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