Our Minnesota Climate: Engaging Minnesotans

Climate change is happening here and now in Minnesota. Governor Walz, Lieutenant Governor Flanagan, and the state agencies are working to reduce the worst impacts of climate change and help Minnesota communities prepare for the climate change impacts that can’t be avoided. To help advance that work, the Governor formed the new Minnesota Climate Change Subcabinet (Executive Order 19-37) to engage with Minnesotans and chart a path forward to address climate change.

The Subcabinet recognizes the importance of involving all Minnesotans in finding solutions to tackle climate change, especially those Minnesotans most impacted by climate change and the policies used to address it.  This survey is a starting point and will help shape how we engage with you and your community.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and share your priorities and ideas.  Thank you!

Q1How much do you follow climate change news and research?
Q2Which of the following climate-related topics are you most interested in? Select your top three.
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