Weather Information Contracting Poll

The MPCA is working with the City of St. Paul and GreenStep Cities to determine the level of interest for developing a state contract that would be open to local governments, for purchasing Road Weather Prediction Services to offer road and weather forecasting services to inform maintenance decisions at a competitive price.

Q1Which level of government do you represent?
Q2Do you currently have a subscription to a road and weather forecasting service that utilizes Road and Weather Information System (RWIS) to inform your maintenance decisions(winter, severe weather, traffic conditions, etc.) ?
Q3Does your organization have interest in utilizing a state contract that offers Road Weather Forecasting Services such as hour by hour weather forecasts and current and predicted surface temeratures)?
Q4We are looking into options to structure a contract such that for an additional fee a government entity could share weather forecasting information with the private sector winter maintenance companies within your jurisdiction. How likely would you be to do so?
Setting up a state contract that other government entities could use will bring the overall costs down. Many of the companies that offer weather forecasting services offer a menu from which each government entity could pick to ensure the right level of service. Thus the expense would vary widely and cannot easily be predicted. However, we must give the Department of Administration some indication of the willingness of other government entities to use the contract if they set it up.  
Q5Would your organization have funds available or the ability to secure funds for purchasing these services though this new state contract?

Thank you! We will get back in touch with the results.

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