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The Pilot Program officially kicked off on January 19, 2022. Registration for the Pilot Program is open to consultants and governmental units that act as the responsible governmental unit (RGU) for Minnesota’s Environmental Review Program. RGUs include state agencies and any general or special purpose unit of government in the state (watershed districts organized under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 103D, counties, towns, cities, port authorities, housing authorities, and the Metropolitan Council). Registration is encouraged by consultants and RGUs regardless of whether you are actively reviewing a project.
By completing the registration below, RGUs agree to use the draft revised EAW form whenever feasible, through September 30, 2022. In addition, Pilot Program participants will have the opportunity to participate in virtual cohort meetings where they can share knowledge, receive training from technical experts, and provide feedback on the draft changes to the EAW form. EQB will send updates about cohort meetings (these will begin in early 2022) to the contact listed below. Registration will stay open through August 1, 2022.
If you are not eligible to register for the Pilot Program, but would like to receive updates about the Program and about opportunities to provide input please sign-up here.
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Thank you for registering for the Pilot Program for implementing the draft revised Environmental Assessment Worksheet containing climate information. Please contact Denise Wilson at Denise.Wilson@state.mn.us or (651.757.2523) with questions.

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